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usthreeandamandolin-deactivated said: Baby, give me your new tumblr. d:

sorry, i don’t have a tumblr besides this one anymore.

Ahahhahaha, I totally forgot I still had this tumblr, but yeah. I’m still alive. I deactivated my other tumblr so this is the only one I’ve got and yeah.

I guess this will be the only way you can contact me and I would get back to you like 5 months later, yeah.

i’ve made a new tumblr, ask for it.

for reasons i don’t want to explain but anyways you can ask for my tumblr, and i will give it to you.
if i was following you on this tumblr, chances are i’m already following you in my other one.
just ask for my new tumblr might take a while for me to give it to you because i rarely get on this one now. so please be patient.

Man, I hope I get to go see them in two weeks.
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